How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation are a major cause of low confidence for a lot of people. They can be caused by sun exposure, acne scars or even aging and can affect the overall complexion of the face. Luckily, there are a number of effective ways to treat and prevent dark spots. We have listed some of the best methods to get rid of dark spots and have also mentioned the best cream to remove dark spots on face.

What are dark spots and how are they caused?
Dark spots happen when melanin, the substance responsible for skin color is pverproduced in some areas. Some common causes are-

· UV rays which trigger the production of melanin
· Hormonal changes due to pregnancy or oral contraceotion.
· Post acne, cuts or burns
· As you age, sun spots or liver spots may also appear.
· Top Treatments to Remove Dark Spots

1. Topical Creams
Topical treatments are the most effective way to treat dark spots. The best cream to remove dark spots on face should ideally contain the following ingredients.

– Hydroquinone is powerful bleaching agent that reduces the appearance of dark spots.

– Vitamin c is an excellent antioxidant that brightens up the skin

– Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives that promote cell turnover.

-Kojic acid is a fungi derivate which controls melanin production.

– Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that reduces inflammation and prevents hyperpigmentation.

2. Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are procedures that involve the application of an acid solution to exfoliate the top layer of the skin to promote evenly pigmented skin. Exfoliation is generally done using glycolic acid and salicylic acid which are excellent exfoliating agents.

3. Laser Treatments
Dark spots are targeted with focused lights to break down the pigment and promote new skin growth. It is a quick method but is generally costly.

4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion involves removing the outermost layer of the skin to reveal a fresher,lesser pigmented skin under it.

Preventing Dark Spots is a very crucial step. Here are some tips-

Always stay protected from the sun by using the best sunscreen for tanning with SPF 30 or higher along with broad spectrum protection.

Avoid picking at acne or wounds to prevent post-acne hyperpigmentation.

Follow a consistent skincare routine which includes Vitamin C and E to combat free radicals which may cause dark spots.

Dealing with dark spots requires consistency along with effective products. Treatments should be chosen keeping the problem and the desired results in mind. Consulting a dermatologist for personalized advice is a great option, especially if products don’t seem to work for you at all.